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Buckin Mystery Boxes

OMG! They are finally here! I have been working hard on bringing you all this surprising new twist to shopping!

Buckin Mystery Boxes!

Each box is as unique as the beautiful soul opening it!

I love a good surprise...don't you?!

Here's how they work!

You pick your size... We want everyone to feel perfect the way YOU are, so you will have the option to pick XS-2XL.

You then will receive 2 items of clothing! Can be anything from a tee to a long sleeve or blazer to that bralette you've been eyeing!

You will also get a random but beautiful hat or beanie, as well as two amazing accessories such as earrings, a bracelet, a ring, necklace, etc.

It could even be an amazing item that hasn't been added to the website yet!!!!

That means a total of 5 ITEMS for $34.99

I have put a lot of work into theming these beautiful boxes together to create the most pleasing results when you open them!

I can't wait to see you all enjoy these mysteriously awesome goodies!

Mystery Boxes can be exchanged for store credit. No returns on Mystery Boxes.



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