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A little about what I do.

September 10, 2018 1 Comment

A little about what I do.

Hi there all my sassy desert folk!!!!

Here at the Buckin Cactus we embrace all that life has to offer. Everyday we wake is a day to make a difference. 

 I was Miss Reno Rodeo 2015 and currently have the Reno Rodeo Reading Roundup Horse- Mojo. My sweet boy and I get the privilege of going to title one schools in Reno, NV and educating first graders on the love of reading and about horses. [Mojo handles the horse part.] He loves getting to meet all these amazing kiddos.

One very cool fact about my reign as MRR was that I got to rope a steer as well as I was given the opportunity to rope a calf during a night perf at the Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West- the Reno Rodeo. 

I am still very actively involved with the Reno Rodeo and I know it sounds corny, but the Reno Rodeo truly became family and I have felt so thankful and blessed to be a member of the Reno Rodeo since 2014. 

I also have an amazing career as a Realtor at Chase International in Reno. I get to work alongside my fellow horse woman and partner in crime Joya and am a member of the Machabee Real Estate Team at Chase International- Reno.

Some people may assume I have a fairy tale life, but they also probably don't realize that 16 days after my 23rd birthday, I watched my only parent pass away. Losing my dad was truly the most eye opening experience. He was not only my dad, but my best friend, coach, golf partner, heeler, and hunting partner. He taught me to be passionate about my goals and dreams and to always strive for perfection. 

I am continuing his legacy by pursing my passions and creating clothes and selling brands that I truly believe in. I want all women to be able to buy something from The Buckin Cactus and feel that they not only got a great quality item, but they got it for a reasonable price. You shouldn't have to break the bank to be fashionable. 

I have always pushed the barrier with not only calves, but with fashion. I love mixing patterns, textures, and colors that you might not think would go together. I believe that leopard is a neutral right along with Black and Serape.  

When I was 5, my first day of school outfit was a gold lame and sequin with feather trim. I have always loved fashion and wearing things that do not fit in the box. I evolved and now have the opportunity to bring my ideas and visions to life.

This is my life and some amazing fashion pieces that will be perfect for every Queen inspired cowgirl or Outdoor loving girl.  Living and loving life in my High Desert. #thehighdesertcowgirl

Happy Trails!

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Terrie Mrnak
Terrie Mrnak

October 06, 2018

I love you and am so incredibly proud of you!

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